The Emergencies That Your Business Can Face

Buyer beware. While there isn’t much in the world of business that should trouble you if you know your stuff – there are still a lot of things that can derail your business. In bad cases, there truly are some emergencies that can spell disaster for your business.

Firstly, this is a bit more common in the modern age- but the PR disaster has existed since businesses began serving customers. There has always been a way for a business to upset, offend or disgust a customer and customers have never not had mouths to tell people about their experience! This is amplified with social media platforms, where anything can happen and words can be twisted or taken in any which way. Why is this an emergency? Well, if someone takes control of your social media and insults or offends a customer – this can spread across the globe in a matter of seconds and not only could it put people off your brand and company, it could very well result in a legal case. Social media isn’t an arena for you to make jokes at someone else’s expense if you are a company – so stick to helping customers out, sharing content and answering questions – going above and beyond might upset someone that you don’t want to upset. How do you avoid this? Your customer interactions should be based on your company policy and that policy should be about treating customers with respect. Ensuring that social media channels are only handled by experienced professionals will help as well. Treat customers with respect to ensure you don’t end on the front pages, in a negative fashion.

Another modern age emergency that your business can face is the threat of cyber-crime. Cyber crime involves the hacking of systems to steal information or the uploading of computer viruses to hassle and annoy. No-one is really ever ‘safe’ from cybercrime, but there are plenty of ways that you can make your business less of a target. Ensure that sensitive data is encrypted and hard to access. Keep financial information under lock and key. Use remote storage to diversify your storage options. Use anti-virus software to sweep for viruses on a daily basis. Educate your staff on downloads and safe usage of the internet. As said, you can still suffer an attack – and your response in those moments are critical. Thankfully, the modern age brings solutions – enterprise-level disaster recovery as a service are offered as well as solid IT support teams so there shouldn’t be much that can keep your business out of action for long.

If you operate a physical business – weather can halt you. The rain will stop people from coming out to visit, while some true disasters might tear your business from its foundations. Keep in mind the threats that can face your business in the local area and equip the business in advance. If you live in a flood prone area you will need flood guards and earthquake zones need a building to be strongly reinforced.

There are plenty of emergencies that your business can face. What’s key is how you try to prevent them and how you respond to them.

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