EaseUs Todo Backup Server

One of the many things when we are running our Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) is to perform regular backup, more so if we have multiple machines connected to a server. The cost of the software that can backup server or backup system is normally way beyond budget of an ordinary business, hence it was neglected and deemed as additional cost.

But now with EaseUs Todo Backup Server, not only it is affordably priced within the reach of almost everybody but it is jam packed with a lot of features and functions that normally a more expensive solution would be able to provide. It also is fast and saves a lot of time, especially with its one click system backup & restore that simplifies one of the IT admin’s routine that can be set either daily, weekly or monthly. With the reliable and secure backup system in place, it would be able to backup server and take away your entire headache and ensuring crucial business data is available to ensure business continuity while at the same time minimize server downtime and improve productivity.

One of the main feature is that is able to quickly recover the server from any data loss disaster be it from dreaded viruses, a complete data loss, computer failure or any kind of unexpected disaster. With the restore function, it enables for recovery of the exact copy of your computer onto a new hard drive, even to a dissimilar hardware. This means that with just one click, it is able to find its new environment for a fast hardware replacement action. Then there’s also the granular file recovery to search and recover individual files from backup.

EaseUs Todo Backup Server provides a comprehensive backup management where in a PXE Server, it allows for IT admins to remotely boot a machine via a network setup for backup server or backup system and restore without bootable media, which is extremely useful for bare metal recovery. Keeping each other informed of the progress is also crucial and with the ability to customize the email notification template, this can be used to notify system admins with the results of backup operations via multiple email addresses.

It has never been this easy to backup server with the Centralized Management feature that manages all backup and recovery tasks via the Central Management Console to save a lot of time. With its flexible backup storage options, you can now store the backup system to a local hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, NAS, FTP Server or even to CD or DVD for double protection if disaster happens. Also it can automatically delete old images to conserve disk space.

EaseUs Todo Backup Server costs only $199 for use in a single server and is backed by a 30-days money back guarantee. For the backup system software, you can also download a trial version where you only need a valid email address and they will automatically send the download link to you and then you can enjoy 30 days of trial before going ahead with your purchase.

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