Don’t Miss these Top Two Best Utilities for Windows

As we all know, there are thousands of applications that can be installed in the windows operating system and also you can choose list of utilities from the windows websites. You can use them to improve the performance of your window’s OS. Well, here you go.



RocketDock is a smoothly animated simple application which lets users from all around the world to use docks on desktop surfaces. It is free software which is always visible in the desktop which have the shortcuts to many programs. It offer to launch and to work with favorite programs or reaching your favorite files or directories much easier as there is no end to what you can. By having RocketDock installed on your Personal Computer that is running any version of Windows between Win2000 and Windows 8 users can achieve total control over their desktop surface by eliminating the need of using the traditional Windows taskbar. RocketDock has very simple and easy to use interface, extremely stable, fully customizable, Completely Portable and a friendly user base and the best of all.

Wireless Network Meter

Wireless Network Meter

Wireless Network Meter is an important application as it allows you to monitor that data usages and the real time usage of your network. It is an effective gadget for your desktop that shows network traffic and other related data, and also along with the internet connection is secured or not as it is an essential part for your computer. As soon as it is initialized, the reliable tool starts recording the traffic and shows a graphical representation of sent and received packets, along with their amount and speed. It runs smoothly on the computer without causing the OS to hang or crash and it always displays accurate information and run without showing error notification. It works quietly in your desktop sidebar and also unobtrusive.

These applications are pretty much the best and they are needed these days. Try it out and get good results!

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