Discussions on – How to keep Email Traffic away from US Servers

Reports were on that Angela Merkel, German Chancellor and the French President, Francois Hollande are in talks on how Europe can keep email traffic away from US servers. Merkel has plans to discuss this issue with her French colleague when she will be meeting her shortly which was reported in a weekly podcast. The report also states that Merkel had commented saying that they would get into conversation with France on the probability of maintaining a high level of data protection. Besides that, they would also discuss on identifying which European providers would offer security to their citizens that will help them to avoid crossing the Atlantic with emails and other thing while helping them to build up communication networks within Europe. This talk came in the light of the revelation of the surveillance programs of the US National Security Agency – NSA. It is alleged that the agency monitored phone calls as well as emails of millions of peopled including German citizens as well as spied on Merkel’s phone. ( Image by Axis Capital Inc)


Criminal Complaint Filed By Human Rights Groups

In the meantime, the German federal prosecutor is scheduling a formal investigation into German‘s matter in the NSA affair and Merkel along with the German government are targeted in a criminal complaint which has been filed by human rights section in Germany for allegedly supporting the NSA in the spying activity. Merkel also discussed during the podcast that the data protection matter with Google had been going on for quite some time in Europe. In latest updates, the company has also published commitments that had be started in 2010, to settle an E.U antitrust case and over the last few years, there have been data protection and privacy matter with various other big tech companies for instance, Facebook, in many E. U countries besides Germany

criminal complain

Negotiations for data protection in Europe

Presently negotiations are on for data protection in Europe and Merkel stated when asked if she would think that a German French or European data protection network could mitigate privacy trouble with large tech companies. She has added saying that they will not want their data protection weakened. On the contrary without the E.U. wide data protection regime, companies like Google as well as Facebook could settle where the data protection level could be the lowest, it was reported.

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