Destiny Review:

This epic is ambitious and there is no doubt in it but certainly it lacks imagination overall. When the talk is about “Destiny,” the new science fiction epic from “Halo” creators Bungie which is a smug prince, is musing on the hero’s desire to visit a mysterious site on Mars. Quite interesting it might sound. But the prince seems to be mocking at it. According to the prince, it would be as un-imaginative as a hero being defeated as if you would like to turn it into a battleground. This is exactly what you would think and that is definitely going to annoy at once when you would attempt to play it. “Destiny” with the activation comes in one for the Xbox, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 costing $59.99. This is going to be a ruthless venture for Bungie and is determined to create a number of beautiful but radically different worlds in order to explore. But ultimately, the goal remains the same and unchanged, you have to kill everyone.

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With no doubt, one can say that it has been the only mission statement of most science fiction games since “Halo” first assault the planets in 2001 and went on thrusting some of the great hit series such as “Gears of War,” ”Borderlands” and “Kill zone” etc. And now, ”Destiny” was expected to assure something more – but, if anything, it’s a setback from “Halo,” which at least provided compelling motivation for all the chaos that was ever produced within.

“Destiny” is set to be taking place in far future, long after an alien “Traveler” arrived in the solar system and lent a helping hand to the humans in colonizing all other planets. Unfortunately, the Traveler was followed by a “Darkness” determined to lay waste to all its achievements. As the game begins, you’re trying to defend the last city of Earth from oblivion.

Your “Guardian” can either be a male or a female, and one of three races: human, exo which are humanoid machines or awoken which resembles a lot like humans, but with bluish skin. There are also three classes – the heavily armored Titan, the more agile Hunter or the magic-slinging Warlock – though all three have access to the usual assortment of rifles, shotguns and rocket launchers. Each sphere in the “Destiny” solar system is swarmed with a different breed of weapon-wielding pests. The insectoid Fallen run rampant on decrepit old Earth, while the undead Hive has burrowed deep into the Moon. The lush, green Venus has been taken over by the robotic Vex, while dusty, red Mars is home to the rhinoceros like Cabal.


The scenarios fall into a familiar tone which is you get to explore a foreign site until you reach a point which is already occupied by your enemy starter who is a bit stronger than others but most of the time, Cannon fodder for your guardian. After wiping sometimes, you again repeat the process until you confront a very tough opponent. The settings and opponents might get changed but as it has been predicted, it is really a very boring game with no interesting levels as such.

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