Deal Guru Proves Ideal for both the Buyers and the Sellers

Market is the basis of any economy. Market has been going through a number of changes over the past centuries. The journey from the open market place to the closed shopping mall was not easy. But with growing technology shopping mall is not the last stop to this journey. The road has expanded and now everything we can think about is available to us at our doorstep with a simple click of the mouse. The internet has indeed converted our society into a global village. From local brands to international brands everything we need or we think we need is available on the internet. Deal guru is one such website.

Know More about Deal Guru


Deal guru is primarily a platform that helps seller take care of their excess inventories. It is in collaboration with It is that makes the deal with the seller and makes the product available on the website with amazing discounts for the buyers to get the best quality products at the best deals. Deal Guru deals with a variety of lucrative products like home appliances, beauty and skin care products, electronics goods and it definitely takes good care of the customer’s fashion needs, Jewellery, clothes, footwear, bags are also available at a great discounted rate.


The shopping process starts with making all the photo shoots and uploading the products with an informative content on the website. From here on Deal Guru takes over, makes the confirmation from the buyer and takes care of the delivery. The buyer receives the product at home and upon delivery receives the confirmation call. The necessary payment is made to the seller and the buyer receives the good he/she was looking for. Indeed the purpose of market is fulfilled without the buyers and seller not meeting is person.

What is More?

Deal guru does not just help the seller get rid of his/her extra goods at a good exchange rate but also takes good care of the needs of the buyer. They have carefully designed the website keeping the customer in mind. Discounts are always available at the website on almost every product. The products are categorised so the customer doesn’t have a problem finding the product. Their policies are clearly mentioned on the website so no hidden clause is missed out. They are quick and hassle free.

It is a busy world; everyone is running out of time. Everyone is trying to buy more time. Instead of going to a particular place to fetch the required things. One could easily to do at the comforts of one’s house while helping the kids with their homework or on their way back from work. Thinking about such a thing was probably impossible a decade back but Deal Guru has made it work. Initiatives like this will probably change the way we think of life.

These great deals are also available on your android phone. Shopping is twice the fun with Deal Guru and selling is easier.

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