Boost your device speed with these Android Booster

Android is the best operating system avail for the Smartphones. Android provides lots of features as it has got comfortable look and best design. You can install the entire interesting app in Android Phone but they actually make your device to work slowly. Here you can find the great apps to improve your web browsing experience on your Android.

Link Bubble

Link Bubble is the great tool that helps you to speed up your Android device. You must definitely consider it while you search for the perfect app. All you have to do is simply make a click on the Link Bubble that loads the webpage in the back ground to get you rid to keep using your current app instead of wasting your time over watching the page loaded. The free version of the Link Bubble lets you to use one Bubble at a time whereas in the paid version it supports all the applications and you can use unlimited bubbles.

Javelin Browser

Javelin Browser

Javelin Browser is a gorgeous Android browser focused on the complete surfing the web solely for private browsing. Javelin has a good design to back up its features as you can experience the extreme fast performance in Javelin. The Javelin free version is just for demo but you must drop some dollars to perform functions in that Browser. It is featured with the mobile friendly VPN that offers more functionality that protect all of your mobile’s data. Boost your performance by using these Javelin Browser.



SetCPU tweaks your rooted mobile’s processor to boost CPU performance. It has an ability to underclock the processor settings which is the most admirable aspect of this SetCPU app. It will save your mobile phone’s battery life and also you can have a control over the phone’s voltage. With so many options and the features of SetCPU it provides a much needed performance that helps to boost up ypur Android device.

Make use of these tools and boost your phone’s speed to optimize performance with Android Booster. Try it out!

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