Blind people can Move everywhere with Hello Navi App

The Hello navi App will navigate the visually impaired people with the help of new technology. The hello Navi is the innovative app designed by the six teen girls doing there middle school in Texas. The team invented the special app to encourage their visually impaired friends to wander around anywhere without the other support. This teen team gets notified and awarded by many dignified people across the world, by the awesome app Hello Navi.

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How to use:

Hello Navi App helps the blind to walk over the unknown areas by hearing the guiding voice. This app works by collecting the information about the distance between the user’s present location and destination and combine this info along with the corresponding building blueprints. Based on the given information the voice will start to navigate the visually impaired people to move everywhere even though it is unfamiliar. In this app you can find the option Create the path; under this option you can create your own path into the direction list along with the latitudinal and longitudinal values. Usually you can reach the destination with different ways; each way will be updated as the segment I, segment 2 and so on.


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If you have the blind people in your college or institution, you can also help them by uploading the full blueprint of the institution. The Google indoor is the nice platform, which converts the blueprint of the building into the 3D picture. This innovation app doesn’t avoid the blind people from obstacle, only helps to navigate them with the step by step instructions to reach the destination, by the voice recognition. This app was made in java platform and will be available from the June 1st. This will be incredible app for the visually impaired people.


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  1. lesslie rodriguez

    I really like this app i go to the Braille Institute at los angeles CA and this app has help me a lot thank you

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