Are Big Brands in Broadband Driving Down the Price through High Competition?

Among all of the great names in the field of broadband service providers, most of the big names would normally be priced too high. However, with the competition constantly stirring in the Australian market of broadband service providers, it seems like the time for change is finally here.

Telstra – Taking By Storm

One of the oldest internet service providers in the market is Telstra. Not just that, it also used to be one of the most expensive services due to how exceptional the service itself was. However, it cannot be said that Telstra was the only service provider that had exceptional quality in its field. While comparing the big names in internet service providers among the likes of Optus, it was found that they were providing the same quality as Telstra, if not better. Thus, Telstra certainly had some serious competition with nothing but repute at stake.

In recent times, however, it seems like Telstra decided to play the game fair not just to win, but to also ensure that its existing customer base didn’t start looking elsewhere for options in this regard. In order to do so, the only thing that the notable broadband service provider could do was to bring down prices packages and plans offered by Telstra.

Not only did this ensure that Telstra’s customers remained loyal and steady, it also meant that Telstra’s repute stayed just as intact as it was before the internet service provider brought down its prices.

Who Can Benefit From This?

While it goes without saying that consumers certainly can benefit from the drop in prices, the question on everyone’s mind is “Are broadband service providers giving something up by dropping prices?” The answer to the aforementioned question is simple: yes and no. By dropping their prices, internet service providers might be letting go of a large chunk of their profit, but as they do so, they can also bet their bottom dollar that their customer database will certainly increase as they make it more affordable for more people. This is ideal for not just the customers but the service provider as well.

Will the Quality of Their Services Deteriorate?

A lot of people assume that a broadband service provider that is dropping its prices in order to make their packages and plans more affordable to the general population is actually going to deteriorate in quality – which is the assumed reason behind the price drop. However, this is far from the truth but the possibility of this happening still does exist. More customers could mean less time to focus on the quality of the service itself. Yet, it’s something that’s highly unlikely to happen.

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