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You would be aware of BhashSMS as of now. It is a trending and commonly used bulk SMS service provider by many marketers. More than 1200 marketers around India are using this service. You can send thousands of SMS promoting your business in just a click without breaking any regulation. So, let’s get practical; how good is BhashSMS? This article is a review on what is good and bad about this service provider.

This article is a collection of information from various customer reviews and forums about BhashSMS and thus, you can find what it is like to be a client of BhashSMS.


  • Unlimited validity
  • Unlimited sender IDs and multiple receivers
  • New sender ID approval takes just 10 minutes. Sender IDs can be discrete and the customer would feel like receiving the message from the business provider and not from BhashSMS.
  • Instant deliveries
  • Reliable customer support
  • You can send all kinds of SMS starting from promotional to transactional details.
  • Cheaper than most of the reliable service providers
  • There are separate packages for different business needs like small scale business, large scale business and others.
  • Is used by a lot of business providers all around India.
  • Good customer reviews
  • Free registration and free credits upon registration
  • A lot of payment options available
  • Send SMS in Hindi to target the local customers
  • Good service to send time sensitive SMS like one time passwords, prizes, raffle numbers, updates and so on.
  • Unlike other services, the promotional SMS gets stored on the customer’s mobile making it easy for them to get back to you whenever they need.
  • You can also be an SMS reseller with BhashSMS by having your admin rights with your clients.
  • Can send SMS instantly up to 10,000 customers
  • Can send SMS to all the numbers stored in an Excel sheet making the service just a click away.
  • Group SMS can be sent to 2,00,000 customers instantly


  1. Does not send promotional SMS to DND users
  2. Sends promotional SMS only between 9 AM to 9 PM


When it comes to mobile marketing, it is always better to let the customers decide whether you need to talk to them about a product or not. There would be a lot of rejection calls, if you are planning to call them randomly and talk about your product. You can provide updates, promote your product and send transaction details to your customers and provide the phone number that they need to call to know more or give a missed call.

Having so, it is important to get a service provider who helps you send a lot of SMS to a lot of customers at top speed and reliability, without breaking any regulations. No matter whether you are a small business holder or a multinational corporate leader, you need to spread information to the world, instantly. Any time delay would cause you to lose a lot of customers. Comparing the price details and the service quality, it can be strongly suggested that the BhashSMS can be relied upon, without question.

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