What is the Best Gaming Console Available ? Xbox 1 or PS4

As long as gaming systems have been available, so have expert and player reviews. And, it’s no different now when it comes to choosing between the Xbox one and PS4 system. So, which should you buy? What option is a better investment? Although it is ultimately a personal decision in the end, these are some things to keep in mind before you decide to drop down the huge price tag, on either of these devices.

In terms of design of each of the systems, the original PS4 is smaller/slimmer. But, the Xbox has exterior and rear-side ports which are easier to access. The PS4 has nicer aesthetic lines and detail, while the Xbox has a sturdier looking body and exterior. With the PS4 you have the option to upgrade the internal drive, which is a great benefit over the Xbox One system, which doesn’t allow you to do so. But, the Xbox system does have more external ports, which gives you the option attach more accessories or devices for play.

Xbox features a more powerful CPU, but the winner in GPU is the PS4 system. A faster processor means better game play for fast-paced games, and action packed games on your Xbox One system. But the graphics chip in your PS4 is superior, meaning sharper colour contrast, definition, and transitions from one screen of play to the next. Both offer 8 GB of RAM. With this in mind, the PS4 has a distinct advantage in that it has faster bandwidth speeds when you are playing online with other gamers.

A higher resolution is offered on the PS4 system than the One. This means crisper foliage, darker hues and shades, and more depth perception when playing games with plenty of depth and character development on the PS4. The price drops in the market have levelled the playing field, so both systems are on point in terms of this aspect. Both systems also include an HDMI cable, one controller, and trial offers for online gaming, out of the box. So this isn’t a distinction on either side when you are choosing a system.

What it may ultimately come down to is if you are a Microsoft or a Sony person. Further, the game selection is fairly equal on both sides, where the PS4 does offer more fighter style games (which makes it a top choice for game players who prefer this genre or style of gaming). If you would like to see some catalogue retailers which offer this product then visit this site.

Due to the immense popularity of both systems, both have received quite a bit of praise in the industry. If you prefer graphics, and faster speeds, PS4 might be it. For those who prefer depth and greater CPU clock rates, your Xbox One is the winner. Ultimately, each consumer is going to have their preference when choosing a system. These are a few of the basic features you might want to keep in mind when choosing which one of the two to invest in, and which gaming system is going to afford you more enjoyment in the style of gaming you prefer.

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