Best Games on Android


If you owe an Android, you surely want games that will last the length of a commute or want to be lost in a port of GTA where you can spend hours in moving down the lane and make money by murdering, and then you need to look at this set of games that will make you go gaga:
⦁ The Simpsons Tapped Out (Free): EA’s game is based on the inhabitants of Springfield and is surprising in a few ways. It is free of cost which is a thing to note, although many would disparage it as a freemium game, it is more than possible to keep it going like it is in the background. Letting it potter away, slowly unlocking all of the levels.

⦁ Angry Birds Space (Free): The developer of this game has put a lot of effort in aggressive whoring of these Angry Birds franchise. This game is the simplistic game series and is worth a trial. It introduces some new play concepts with the planet-based levels.2

⦁ Badland (Free): This game has a bit of an “indie” vibe and it offers a weird, dark and gloomy world in which you fly about in control of a blob.

⦁ Super Bit Dash (Free): It is a scrolling plat former where there is no control over the scroll. However you can jump a lot.

⦁ Dots (Free): This game is stupidly, almost supporting simple with players just drawing lines between colored dots. It proves the same old notion that simpler is better on mobiles. The players need to link these dots up and, as colored things usually do in such games, they too disappear. So, more you fall in it. And it continues to be like this, getting more and more compulsive as the player tries to chase bigger and better dots.

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