Best Apps for Pebble Smart Watches

The world’s best smart watch pebble has much incredible number of features and specifications. If you’re having this awesome gadget you must know the best apps for your Pebble smart watch. So read the following review to know the best apps for your Pebble smart watch.


Best apps:

Glance (Android only, Free):

If you’re smart watch only showing the time, is the waste of it use and space waste too so you can make all the must need notifications on the single screen by using this app. So your single glance will give more information about the missed calls, text, battery life, time, date, calendar entries and much more.

Pebble Cards:

The Pebble Cards resembles the glance so much slightly only because in it afford only time at the half screen and your what you need at the bottom. This app is especially for the iOS.

PebbGPS (Free):

In Pebble you can find more navigation apps, the PebbGPS is the best which offers the map and lead you with the directions.

Runtastic Pro:

The pebble smart watch will keep a track on your activities and gathers all information around your surroundings quickly and tells about how much distance you ran. So this is the best app for you.

Watch Note (Android only):

If you’re having notes on your mobile how your watch now that for that you can use the Watch Note, which will show all your notes on the screen of your smart watch so you don’t need to take your mobile always.


The Yelp will really help you in many ways it will give the information about the restaurants, shops and more based on your location. So you don’t worry about the location when you’re wearing the Pebble smart watch.

These are the best apps for your pebble smart watch and make your world more unique.


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