BankBot Android malware sneaks into Google Play Store for the third time

The Google Play Store is accidentally distributing a particular form of Android banking malware for the third time.
In this year on April, BankBot Android malware is official Android’s first seemed in the marketplace that was removed and then exposed to be having returned in September before it removed again. Now BankBot Android malware has appeared in the Google Play store yet again, having in some way bypassed the app checking and security protocols for the 3rd time.

The BankBot Android malware, which has plagued Android systems for months, uses an “overlay technique” in a try to fool innocent people into toward the inside their details into applications they trust is legitimate.

On November 8th RiskIQ said, “The latest version of BankBot was distributed using social engineering”.

“An Android device user usually first downloads and installs the completely well-designed application on their device when compare “Cryptocurrencies market prices” with official sanction prices.

“Once you have installed the application on your device, the Android mobile user is exposed to an application that can perform “Cryptocurrencies market prices” exchange monitoring.”

“Still, BankBot Android malware is using this looks like the real app to mask its actual purpose. By giving the victim an application that works, the A user may be less suspicious of its evil nature.”

Once you have downloaded and install the app, the malware slowly comes on your device and checks your financial related app to collect your personal details. If one of the well-secured financial apps is launched by developers, BankBot Android malware will overlap a screen that appearances like to the genuine service and scoop up any entered passwords.

If the hackers could read the victim’s texts, “They could also intercept two-factor verification codes”, said by RiskIQ.

This type of BankBot Android malware seemed to be aiming users of Polish banks. It recalls unclear if the victim whose personalities remain unidentified were successful in searching any accounts. “Serves as a reminder of the most dangerous Android mobile applications,” said by Risk IQ and that users should be vigilant in evaluating all applications before installing, even from believed stores.

BankBot Android malware is mainly developed for Android users. In this year January; source code has leaked in online and it has since technically developed into the main cybercrime threat.

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