AT&T Adds New Products for Fall

AT&T continues expanding its global domination with the release of several new products in the months leading up to the holiday season. The smartphone provider, which recently purchased the pay as you go Cricket network, hopes to move away from pay as you go plans and encourage shoppers to sign up for one of its new plans. Since selling the Muve music network that Cricket launched and making other changes for Cricket customers, the company announced that it would focus more on retail sales and providing shoppers with access to new products.

HTC Desire Eye


The HTC Desire Edge is the first smartphone designed for talking selfies. HTC consistently remains on top of current trends and looks for ways to help users take advantage of those trends. This new phone has one of the largest and best front-facing cameras on the market. Capable of taking images with an impressive 13.1 megapixels, it makes it easy for users to capture images of themselves and their friends. AT&T also plans to introduce the HTC Re Camera. This new camera features a quirky design and is small enough that users can easily slip it in their pockets. AT&T priced the Desire Eye at $149.99 and the Re Camera at $199.99.

Kyocera DuraForce 

Those looking for a phone that will perform just as well in cold climates as it does in humid and warm climates will appreciate the Kyocera DuraForce. Designed as the first all-weather smartphone, it has a rugged case that protects the internal components from all potential hazards. Retailing for $390, AT&T will offer the phone through its financing program, which breaks the price down into low monthly payments. This new smartphone will feature 16 GB of internal storage, a fast internal processor and a large and bright display.

Technology Bundle Deals


In the hopes of increasing its sales, AT&T plans to release several technology bundles that let users purchase two or more devices for one low rate. The most popular of those bundles is a package that comes with both a tablet and a smartphone. Users can buy a Samsung tablet and a Nokia phone and get access to the AT&T network with both devices. Users can surf the web, access their email and do hundreds of other things without worrying that they’re out of wireless range. Other bundles include different types of tablets, smartphones and cameras.


One of the hottest new additions to the AT&T lineup is its new smartwatches. Charles Phillips believes that these new watches will take the company to the next level. Both the LG G Watch R and the Motorola 360 will be available from the company before Christmas, and both smartwatches retail for less than $300. The watches let users keep track of time, read books, watch videos, access their email, surf the web, access their favorite apps and perform hundreds of other tasks.

AT&T will also offer a bundle deal for those interested in purchasing the 360 with one of the newer phones from Motorola. Shoppers who buy both a phone and a watch will save $50 off the total retail price. Though AT&T will introduce new products and items from some of the top brands, it plans to focus more on smartwatches and some other products leading up to the holiday season.

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