Apple Watch disclosed iPhone 6 and Apple Watch for iPad

Apple has uncovered a Smart watch, Apple Watch which is the newest product in the line since the first iPad and the demise of Steve Jobs. The device runs apps, acts as a health and fitness guide and communicates with the iPhone. For those people who have been waiting for so long to have their hands on iPhone or the iWatch, Apple has announced the iPad magazine too. Mac Format and Mac Life have put together a wonderful iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus preview magazine for just $1.99 only. While the rivals’ smart watch already exists, expert says that Apple have had a history of entering sectors relatively late and then changing their paths.


A free update to Apple Inc’s iOS software for mobile device will be available for existing iPhone and iPad users on Wednesday. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus that were already out on Friday, will come with the update, known as iOS 8. Apple has considered iOS 8 to be its biggest update since the introduction of the app store came out in 2008. Among other specialties, iOS will now let devices work better in sync. Foe a small instance, it will now be possible to access a message on an iPhone and finish it on iPad. With an upcoming Mac upgrade known as Yosemite, it will be now possible to continue working on that same message on a Mac computer as well. The new iOS software will also let its users to have more things in their pockets without going from app to app. For instance, if you get a text message on your device as in you were composing an email, you’ll be able to pull down the text from the top edge and send a reply without leaving your email unfinished.

In addition to this, a new keyboard aims to predict what you’re about to type. It goes beyond the standards spell-checking. Users are allowed to install keyboards from external parties too. Android already allows this function and now Apple has also now opted this feature. In fact, Apple is opening up more of its features to outside developers than in the past. For instance, the fingerprint sensor on iPhones won’t be restricted to Apple’s own services. These handoff features will make longer to the Apple Watch.


The innovative photo app makes it simpler than ever to get and rediscover your favorite photos with new search features and smart albums that organize your photos for you. And one can make every shot look better with all new editing tools. On iCloud, you can work on any file anywhere. That includes presentations, PDFs, images, etc. It has got iPhone, MAC and iPad connected. It will now get even better as you can start an email on one device and without any interruption, continue on the other. And iPhone owners can answer their calls on their MAC or iPad and are also allowed to send text messages using any of them.

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