Advantages and drawbacks of Android/Apple IOS

The most popular OS among the society, android and Apple IOS do have some advantages and drawbacks with them which in terms we do know very well about that. Yeah! It’s true that no one is perfect in this world, the same with our technology as well. So let’s discuss something about Android and Apple IOS today. The biggest advantage of android is that it is pretty cheaper when compared to Apple IOS and whereas Apple IOS is far costlier than Android, now this is one major drawback of Apple IOS. Let me give you a brief explanation on their advantages and drawbacks over here.


Android advantages/drawbacks-

  • As you all know very well that Google’s android is based on Linux, this helps us to get accessed with the rich development environment.
  • It has multiple choices of devices each of 7inches, 10 inches and more according to our nature of business we choose our mobile, in this case android gives a better choice of devices to select.
  • Android allows us a quick gathering of information and easy to use.
  • I guess you people will be well aware of this that android was the first OS to support Wi-Fi connection.
  • As I told you earlier that android is bit cheaper than iPhones on purchasing it. It’s cheaper but it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t give up a top experience using it, but actually it does. Remember the Moto G and Nexus 5? These devices made a great come through the market and has been high quality phones that could be afford for reasonably rate.
  • NFC (Near field communication) enabled is really a great advantage of android in order to make our payments for future cashless.



  • The major drawback of Android is that it often gets hanged up while running through an application or while playing games.
  • Battery gets drained up often when we surf online or running the application as well.
  • It needs to be connected online all the time to use any of the application on it
  • And it gets heated up often when we are online or using some application, because of which battery moves down.

Apple IOS advantages/drawbacks-

  • IOS is Apple’s mobile phone software which is user friendly and is compatible with all devices. IOS allows to manipulate your screen in a variety of ways like, just placing two fingers in Centre and zooming in, in case of forgotten your glasses.
  • You can run two or more applications simultaneously over here.
  • And it has also started supporting iPad and iPods as well. Apple has given us a post-PC era to live in this speed of information. IOS 7 has been successful because of its multitasking’s which has a great come through market that the apple has ever released.
  • It has great security protocols in order to prevent us from malicious app developers.



  • Quiet expensive when compared to android devices.
  • No widgets on this device and we can have only limited of themes for personalization setup.
  • No speed dialing on keypad and no shortcut key to lock the screen.

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