8 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Stay Connected

This is a connected age, and it is ruled by mobile devices. Device owners use cell phones, tablets, and laptops to work, play games, and connect with others. Here is a list of eight free iPhone apps that will help you stay connected with your coworkers, friends, family, and yourself.


Twitter is a social media outlet that supports posts including links, images, and only 140 text characters. Twitter has grown to 313 million monthly active users in 2016 and is used for everything from sharing recipes to following breaking news tweeted by first person observers. The uses of Twitter are still evolving, but it is clear that the platform has enormous potential to enable users to connect to anyone, anywhere, at any time, largely because of the free app available for most mobile devices, including the iPhone.


Yelp is an app that allows users to research and review the services of businesses. Yelp users review every type of business, from restaurants to pet sitters to general contractors, creating a large database of information about businesses around the world. iPhone users with the Yelp app can easily search for restaurants or any other type of business near them, at home or while traveling, and read the reviews to decide if they’d like to try out the business for themselves.


For music-lovers looking to connect with others that share their passion, Spotify is the preferred music streaming app. Users can create playlists and share them, or listen to playlists shared by other users. They can keep up with trends in music by listening to Spotify-generated music playlists composed of new releases in different genres or by popularity.


Staying connected with yourself is equally important in today’s plugged-in world, and Calm is just the app to help you do it. Calm is a guided meditation app that provides users with prerecorded meditations and has an option for timed, unguided meditation as well. The free version comes with a few guided meditations and the unguided meditation timer along with your choice of a number of soothing scenes to look at and listen to while you are meditating. The paid version comes with a large library of guided meditations along with a daily meditation.

Google Docs

Collaborating on a work project is made easy with the Google Office apps. This suite of apps allows users to work collaboratively on spreadsheets, word processing documents, slide decks, and calendars, right from a mobile device. Being able to create, view, and edit documents while on the go makes it easier to collaborate on projects without being tethered to a desktop machine.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, with 1.71 billion monthly active users in 2016. Chances are many of the people you know use Facebook, at least occasionally, to keep in touch with friends. You can also use Facebook to promote your business or blog like Hampton Creek

Foods with its Instagram page, keep up with your favorite news sources and get updates from your favorite entertainment sources. Facebook recently created a separate Facebook Messenger app, making it easier for you to use their chat feature on your mobile device.


Keep in touch in person by using the Uber app to get you where you need to go. The Uber app for iPhone allows users to place a request for a ride, specify pickup and drop off locations, request specific types of vehicles, and more. Don’t let not having your own vehicle slow you down, either in your hometown or in any of the many cities around the country where Uber operates.


For your global travel needs, use the Kayak travel app. It allows users to search for flights, hotels, and rental cars at destinations around the world. You can search these categories individually or plan an entire trip with a single search. The app is highly rated as being user-friendly, and can easily save you money on your travel plans by allowing you to search using flexible departure and arrival dates, letting you identify the most affordable travel option within the limits of your schedule.

These eight iPhone apps can help you collaborate, communicate, and stay abreast of current trends. Try them out and see which might suit your needs the best.

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