5 Things Search Engines Will Look For In Your Blog

Even if you’re new to blogging, you should still understand that search engine optimization (SEO) will be critical to the success of your blog. This is because the strength of your SEO campaign will determine how highly search engine algorithms rank your blog on their results pages.

So the main question then is how you can get your blog to appeal to search engine algorithms to expand your blog’s visibility. Here are five things you can do:

SEO1. Popular Keywords In Your Headlines

Your most popular keywords should be integrated into your titles and headlines, because these are where search engine algorithms will look for keywords first.

An overlooked tip for you to follow here is to run your blog through an SEO site analyzer. You will then be shown reports telling you which keywords people have used to find your blog, and you can put the most popular of these in your headlines.

2. Links To And From Other Popular Blogs

Your blog will always stand a greater chance of being noticed by search engines if you post links to more popular blogs, or vice versa, if another popular blog includes links to yours. Therefore, try to include another link to a popular blog in each of your posts if possible.

3. Positive User Experience

Your blog must be easy to navigate both on desktops and on mobile devices. Search engines will be able to detect if your blog does not lend to an overall positive user experience, and if it doesn’t, your rankings will suffer.

4. Unique And Authoritative Content

There’s a lot of information online out there these days, and if your blog only presents the same kind of information that other blogs have presented, yours won’t feel special and people will be less likely to want to visit.

Search engines know this, which is why they’ll always give preference to blogs that contain unique and authoritative content. Your blog will be no exception, so be sure to backup your claims and statistics with reputable sources, and to try and write about content that you haven’t seen much of on other blogs in your same niche.

5. Fresh Content

Finally, not only must your content be unique and authoritative, it also must be fresh and updated consistently. If there’s one thing that all of the popular bloggers in the world have in common, it’s that they dedicate themselves to writing and publishing a new post according to a consistent schedule. They understand that the more content they produce, the more opportunities they have for getting noticed by readers.

All the same, be sure to update your blog at least once a week. Search engines will be fully aware that you’re posting according to a regular schedule, and the reward for you will be higher rankings.

Optimize Your Blog For SEO

SEO needs to be something you’re always thinking about when running a blog. By applying the tips you have learned in this article, your blog can reach its full potential and maximize revenue for you.

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