3 Ways to Save Money When Shopping for Laptops

From Apple to Asus, Sony Vaio to Samsung, there are hundreds of different laptop makes, models and manufacturers on the market, making it difficult to know where to start. If you want to save cash on this piece of tech, here are some tips that you need to hear about. Here’s how to save money when shopping for laptops.

1. Use a Promotional Code

Promo codes have become increasingly popular in recent years as shoppers search the Internet for ways to save money. In fact, most retailers now let you enter a code to save cash on products and delivery charges. The hard part is finding the right code for your order! Start by signing up to an electronic retailer’s social media accounts to hear about the latest offers and discounts. You might be the first to receive a discount code for a new laptop, something which could save you money.

Next, subscribe to retailers’ mailing lists. You’ll have the latest offers sent to your inbox, which might include promo codes. Once you have a code, check the terms and conditions and enter your discount when asked. Usually, this is when you’re paying for your items online. When you’re done, you’ll receive a receipt via email.

2. Sign up With a Catalogue Retailer

Catalogue retailers let you spread the cost of a laptop over time and make repayments in instalments. However, you can also receive money-off your order when you sign up for a new account with one of these retailers. Some catalogue brands offer as much as 20 or 25 percent off your first order when you become a new customer, and could even throw in free delivery, too.

To find out which catalogues sell laptops and which companies have the best discounts for new customers, head over to a price comparison website, where you’ll be able to see different retailers in one place and check their prices. You could even couple your introductory discount with a promotion code to save even more money on your order. If you would like to see a list of catalogue retailers then have a look at a catalogue comparison site. If you would like to look at a catalogue comparison site then visit here.

3. Shop in the Sales

Many retailers reduce their laptops at certain times of the year: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year etc. If you shop for a laptop during this period, you might find a discount. What’s more, if you order online, you can have your order delivered directly to your door, which could be of benefit if you live far away from your nearest electronics shop.

You might also want to check out clearance pages of retailers’ websites, too. These list stock which might be damaged or reduced in price for other reasons. This could be a chance to pick up a laptop at a reduced price. You can also find discounts on the main landing page of a website, as well as new products that have just been released on the market.


These three tips will help you find laptops for cheaper when searching the Internet. Remember, look out for products that have been reduced in the sales, use a discount code for money off your order and sign up with a catalogue brand for special introductory offers.

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