2-in-1 Devices: Pricing it Reasonable, but are they Good?

Many of you often use 2-in-1 devices or even want to use that. Now, Microsoft and Intel supporting for the Windows familiarity at within your means price point is a wonderful as well as enriching scene to observe and they come up with some palpable purposes. For any good electronics seller in the country, pricing has always been an invariable barb. And the same problem has put into effect of Intel to power the hybrid devices along with its Atom processor. And it doesn’t cut out with the leftovers. It’s really good to see that the tech giant, Microsoft is taking a deep note about those brands which are not much famous as of now in order to make their smudge with such infamous products but the main question that lies here is, “will the price of these products remain as the only positive feature about them?


Miserably, that is how it is turning out to be. If the rumors are not wrong, you can use these 2-in-1 devices to surf the web, play games or even watch movies but that is not everything what a user needs and as usual, you have people asking for more even at a lower price point apart from being spoilt by the likes of Motorola and Xiaomi. If these devices are meant to replace your laptop, then more power and more work on the design is needed. Firstly, you cannot just bring out a product that is a mirror image of the Surface tablet from Microsoft, well most of them are. There’s more to Surface than its design, shape and size. The affordable Windows hybrids selling in the country are nowhere close to the experience that is asked for by a consumer, something we mentioned about the Croma 1177 hybrid, earlier this year. What you are getting right now, is a 10.1 inch 1280x800p display which is really great with an Intel Atom chipset under the hood that is paired up with a 2 gigs RAM. That is not everything, only 32 GB storage is being offered, though it has got an expandable storage system via microSD slot but nowhere close to the 500 GB have you got on laptop these days. Lenovo has tried its hand with the Flex 10 with rotating display unit but that’s no better than the hybrids from Croma and Notion Ink, now selling in the country at sub Rs 25K pricing. The other aspect about a productivity device is in relation to its ease of handling and usage and even there, the hybrids fail to meet your comfort. The keyboard accessories on offer, lack the incisiveness of a keyboard on notebook. Adding to that, there are not many accessories available in the market that compensate for the former’s abrasiveness.

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Microsoft has understood that facet to some extent and decided to its own cross-platform compatible Bluetooth keyboard that’s priced at $80 (Rs 4800 approx). If Microsoft wants more of the Windows-based tablets to penetrate into the market, then further emphasis on innovation and experience is a must.

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