10 Great Apps to Have on Your iPad


You have likely already heard about all the cool and trendy new apps available for your cell phone, but you shouldn’t put away your iPad just yet. Even though most people are using their phones instead of their computer to do their web-based tasks, iPads and other tablets do come in handy when a cell phone isn’t enough, but an entire computer would be too much.


So what can you do with your iPad or other tablet?

Anything you want, really.

And there’s probably an app to help you get it done!

Here are 10 of the best mobile apps that everyone should have on their iPad or other tablet.



You may have this app on your phone, but the iPad’s advantage of a larger screen makes it more appealing in the tablet version. You can use Evernote to save pictures, clips from the web, text snippets or whole text documents. It’s kind of like a digital clipboard where you can just throw a bunch of ideas at it to save for later.



Turn your iPad into a Kindle reader with this free app. You can use it to read any book available in Kindle form without needing to have a separate device.



Yep, you can use Skype on your iPad, too – to text, voice and video chat. As the iPad screen is larger than your phone screen, you get better experience overall using the iPad version. This app is great for holding work conferences or chatting with distant friends and relatives you may not get to see very often. This app is for free too – so you can avoid those expensive international calling fees.



Even if you don’t want to, this free office suite lets you take your work with you wherever you go. You can use QuickOffice to edit and create documents from Word, Excel or PowerPoint and then upload them somewhere for easy access later or even store them on your device to transfer later.



Snapseed is a photo editing app that gives you professional results. It’s swipe-activated so enhancing your photos is as easy as sliding your finger across your screen.

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DrawCast is a doodle/paint tool that allows you to create images using a large library of brushes, filters and related tools. You can send your creations via email or upload them to social media sites directly from the app.



FileApp allows you to transfer files from your iPad to your computer via WiFi or direct USB transfer for easy viewing and sharing.



The GoogleDrive app gives you 15GB of cloud storage space for uploading pictures, documents and other files that can be accessed and downloaded from any part of the world. This app is not only great for sharing and collaborating files, it’s also handy as a reliable backup option for important files as well.



SystemStatusLite allows you to keep tabs on your iPads battery usage, CPU usage, connections and more. The app will alert you to any potential issues that may keep your iPad from running at top speed.



Even though it was created as an iPhone app, the Find My iPhone app works to help locate misplaced iPads as well. It offers a wide range of customizable features and alerts as well as the ability to remotely turn off; lock and swipe clean your device in the event it is stolen.


All of these mobile apps are free to download, but most of them include additional paid features as well. Be sure to keep the apps updated to ensure their continued functionality.


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